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James Blake - A Case Of You from on James Blake on Vimeo.

i mean, nobody does it like joni, but this is a lovely cover.

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  • last night i spent a few hours reading about everything that has been happening at home and abroad, and then we watched “seeking a friend for the end of the world”, and i just have to say that while this movie is actually pretty good, i don’t recommend it if in fact you sometimes worry that we’re headed to our demise. (and not because of giant asteroids but because of disease and aggressive police and military actions and a growing poverty gap and sentient robots.)
  • it’s not news to say that this week has made it harder and harder to feel like we live in a good world, though obviously my perspective on this comes from a place of privilege - my world has consistently been a good one. one thing i have struggled with is how to talk about something that feels like it is not my place to address and yet i know is everyone’s fight at the same time. i am afraid of saying the wrong thing, of not knowing enough. this piece, becoming a white ally to black people in the aftermath of the michael brown murder, has been a good place for me personally to begin to educate myself. (and there’s 10 things white people can do about ferguson besides tweet, which is also a good one, she wrote on her blog.)
  • it is also a good reminder that it is important to me to always be working on how to be my best and most compassionate, educated, respectful, and patient self. the most immediate impact i can have on the world is making sure i treat those around me well.
  • and on another note: this weekend i am looking forward to yoga+, hosting a friend (and eating tacos on a patio), watching liverpool’s first match this season, and sleeping.

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Anonymous said: I feel so useless sitting here. What can I do to help Ferguson??


there’s a bail and legal fund that’s been set up for those who’ve been arrested 

this person is trying to organize a food drive for school kids in ferguson

national moment of silence 2014 (for victims of police brutality) 

share the following: 

videos of what has happened

links to articles

how to make a tear gas mask

livestream link to the peaceful protests

Ferguson Police Department
Email (taken off the site) 

222 S. Florissant Road
Ferguson, MO 63135

Ph: 314-522-3100
Fx: 314-524-5290

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  • this list is comin’ atcha from d.c., where i am working remotely today (a perk of this gig) and helping my parents move in to their new house this weekend.
  • if, like me, you saw boyhood and keep thinking about it and richard linklater’s unusual and inspiring approach to film-making, you might enjoy this new yorker article moment to moment, about linklater and texas boyhoods and devotion to your art.
  • i am at the point in my hair and my summer where my go-to is the “marilla cuthbert”, and i really need to get a haircut soon. i would be totally open to inspiration - i’m not all that tied to specific colors or cuts (other than no head-shaving.)
  • assisting some friends and family with home design has got me itching to finish up some of our own projects. our former bookshelf bar was damaged in the move and has been a last priority, but i want to get this kitchen cart to hold our liquor and some honeycomb shelves to mount above to hold photos and recipe books and the like. i want to finish round two of art framing, and maybe finally buy a coffee table. and then i’ll really never leave the house.  

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You guys, it’s no secret I love my sisters to death. But over the last few months I’ve been so impressed with them. They had an idea that began with one’s obsession with yoga (Andrea, of course) and the other’s passion for exploring every last fun thing to do in our favorite town (clearly Natalie), and they turned it into something pretty damn amazing, if I do say so myself. Something called Yoga+ Chicago.

Simple idea, really: a one hour yoga class followed by a new, local activity that changes up every month. Flower arranging, pasta making, wine tasting and the like at interesting spots all over the city… this month it’s punch making at Thalia Hall. Seriously, how fun is that?! If I were local, you better believe this is how I’d be spending my Saturdays.

So here’s to pursuing what you love, getting your sweat on and capping off your summer weekends with a big bowl of punch!

((P.S. Their last few events sold out quickly, so if you’re in town be sure to grab tickets @ yogapluschicago.com — and because we’re all friends here, you can use promo code PUNCH to get the family special ;) Follow along via tumblr or instagram too while you’re at it, and enjoy!))

having attended the past two events, i can vouch for the fact that these are such a great way to spend a saturday, becoming a little more flexible and trying out something new here in chicago. see you all at thalia hall!

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we saw boyhood last night, and i loved it. it was so lyrical and beautiful and true to life and didn’t feel contrived in any way. such an incredible achievement.

anyways, now i can’t stop listening to “hero” by family of the year. (the song that plays as mason goes off to college.)

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upon finishing world war z:

  • 1: please just remind me that that could never happen.
  • 2: it couldn't. and beside, even if it did, we'd be among the first to die, so it doesn't matter.
  • 1: -__-
  • 2: i'm kidding. we'd jump in our subaru with four-wheel drive and roll over all the zombies.
  • 1: and promptly get stuck in traffic on I94.

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thank you to all for your tips on where to get a good pimm’s cup here. (and keep ‘em coming, seriously! all bar recs much appreciated!) i should have specified that we cannot find a bottle of pimm’s to purchase and make our own at home, but i suppose that doesn’t matter if i can find five or six good ones around the city.

01 8 / 2014

btw, is this series worthwhile? i just felt like i wasn’t doing any writing at all on here (and while this barely qualifies, it’s easing me back in.)

  • we bought a car. it’s a 2012 subaru impreza and now we can drive to the grocery store and buy more than one canned good or go out to the suburbs to play mini-golf and i can practice driving and get a license again.
  • we’ve made plans this weekend to go eat something delicious at dmk burger bar and then watch boyhood. i am very excited.
  • if you follow me on instagram (ah ha ha ha what a thing to say!) you might know that i recently purchased these j.crew shorts, which i highly recommend for both working from home and relaxing at home, and running out to pick up diet coke for more working/relaxing. i’ve been coveting these beautiful shorts on of a kind for awhile, but i was like “ugh, is $94 too much to spend on formal comfies?” (and it is, truly. but now that i’ve dipped my toe into the fancy shorts pool, i want to go all in.) 
  • obviously we didn’t invent summer in chicago, but oh my goodness, we love it. we’ve been spending so much time outside exploring, finding new-to-us street festivals and ice cream spots and parks for walking/running/lounging, and hanging out with friends on rooftops and patios, and drinking a lot of rose (but no pimm’s - no one sells pimm’s here. my one, hyper-privileged gripe.) this is just the life. (i mean, i might have blocked out that long cold lonely winter, so check back in with me come january, but we really like it here.)

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mindy kaling might have my dream job. not just straddling chris messina, (though that does look like more fun than drafting fundraising ask letters or coordinating table seating for 500), but getting to write, produce, and star-in a romantic comedy tv show that is witty and sweet and doesn’t always play to expectations. what a gal.

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